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Toothpaste Abrasion

By louettadent16005402, Jun 14 2017 07:34PM

This is a senitive subject for many reasons. First of all, toothpaste is an abrasive (sand) and it polishs the teeth and wears the tooth at the gum line when that part is exposed and horizonally brushed. Some people get sensitivity in the abrated areas. Also, if the top of the teeth are vigorously brush with tooth paste it causes cupping which can be a sensitive area.

The gumline depressions can be filled if necessary, but I find it better to desensitize them. Then keep them from getting deeper by brushing without toothpaste, to keep them clean. Alternately brush with flouride containing mouthwash.

The cupping is easily filled.

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Reference: Abrahamsen T C, The worn dentition- pathognomonic paterns of abrasion and erosion. Int Dent J 2005 55: 268-76

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