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By louettadent16005402, Sep 15 2016 03:55PM

Ivocar denture teeth and their precision processing is one of the best. The teeth are harded to yield better wear resistance and the processing of the acryic bases ( the pink part ) is one of the most dense there is on the market. The processing is under tons of preasure that allows less than 1% shrinkage of the finished denture. This allow for a great fit to start with. This is the only way we process at Louetta Dental Professionals. You can find more information at Louettadental.com.

By louettadent16005402, Aug 16 2016 07:34PM

Digital x-rays allow us to capture great images of the teeth and surrounding tissue with less radiation than conventional film based x-rays.

Once the Image is capture in the computer it can be magnitied so you and Dr. Montgomery can see the problems in the mouth together.

For the patients that can not handle the larger sensors that are needed for our digital x-rays, we keep the smaller conventional films one on hand for your comfort at Louetta Dental Professionals.

You can find more information at our website-Louettadental.com.

By louettadent16005402, Aug 10 2016 05:41PM

For the most part, cometic dentistry is all dentistry done these days, Because who wants ugly dentistry! Cosmetic dentistry includes fillings which are the most conservative treatment, crowns otherwise known as caps, or implant dentistry to replace missing teeth. We love to answer your questions at Louetta Dental Professionals.


By louettadent16005402, Aug 4 2016 03:47PM

When making dentures there is a wide variety of teeth and acrylics that are available.

The best teeth are harded plastic and they are as much as 10x as expensive as the unharded.

Traditional processed acrylics shrink as much as 10%, making them not fit well to start with. The best acylics are processed under presure and they shrink less than 1%, making them fit well from the start. At Louetta Dental Professionals we use Ivoclar Vivadent Products. to get great fits.


By louettadent16005402, Aug 1 2016 11:06PM

Bonding a filling is most important part of a filling. It strengthens the tooth that has been weaked by the decay and weaked from the loss of tooth that is removed to properly remove all the decay. We use one of the best bonding products that allows the thinest and strongest bonds available at Louetta Dental Professionals. See more information at Louettadental.com.

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