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A:  As long as a patient is in a long-term care facility, on Medicaid and has an applied income (Social Security funds or other retirement income) there will be no out-of-pocket expense for the patient or responsible party. The Caseworker with the state will tell our office when and how much to collect from the patient's Social Security check each month. Instead of paying the nursing home the full amount of money from the patients Social Security check that month, the money will be sent to our office and Medicaid will reimburse the nursing home. Medicaid does not pay the dentist directly.

Q: Is Medicaid going to pay for these dental services?

Providing nursing home patients with a reason to smile

A:  We try to go to every nursing home every four to six weeks.

Q: How often does the dentist come to the nursing home?

A:  Usually it takes one to two months. There are four steps into making a new set of dentures. The first step is to take the impression, which is taking mold of the patients mouth. Then it is sent to the dental lab. Second step is to do a wax try-in. This is to make sure the bite is correct. Then it is sent to the dental lab. Third step is to do a try-in with teeth. This is where teeth are placed in the wax and we make sure the teeth are aligned correctly with the bite. The final step is delivery.

Q: How long does it take to make dentures?

A:  A Full Vendor means that Medicaid pays for the patient's entire stay at the nursing home and they do not have an applied income or an amount that is sent to the nursing home each month to help pay for their stay there. Emergency extractions are the only procedure that the state will allow assistance on. These emergency extractions are determined by the doctor. There is an out-of-pocket expense for any other work that may be needed.

Q: What is a Full Vendor?

A:  Our fees are set by the state. We are given a list of what procedures they cover and how much they will pay.

Q: Why are the fees so high?

A:   We are showing the state that the patient does not have private insurance policy, such as, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, MetLife, etc. Medicaid is not considered insurance.

Q: Why does the Treatment Plan say "no insurance coverage"?

A:   The responsible party (POA), person who makes the patient's decisions and distributes the Social Security (Retirement) income.

Q: Who can sign the forms for Medicaid?

A:  No. If a patient is in need of IV Sedation they will need to go to a Dentist that provides this or they must go to the hospital. For patients with anxiety we do call in a premed one hour before their appointment. For example, Ativan or Xanax.

Q: Do we provide IV Sedation?

A:  No we are not Oral Surgeons. We are general dentists. We do not know of any Oral Surgeons that take Medicaid.  

Q: Are we Oral Surgeons? What Oral Surgeons take Medicaid?

A:  If we are in the area of the particular nursing home we will go by and see the patient. If the patient is an established patient we will call in an antibiotic and pain medicine if needed. If a patient is not established, the Medical Doctor will need to be called. If we are unable to come to the facility then the patient will need to come into our office. If they are unable to come into our office they will need to see a private dentist, go to the ER, go to a community clinic or call Ben Taub.

Q:  How do we handle emergencies?

A:  Usually we are in the beauty shop or in a room with running water and enough space for the doctor, 2 assistants, our equipment and the patient.

Q:  Where in the nursing home are the services provided?

A:  The gross removal of plaque and calculus that interfere with the ability of the dentist to perform a comprehensive oral evaluation. This is not just a regular healthy adult cleaning, it is more in-depth and it does require going beneath the gum line. It is more likely for nursing home patients to need this more in-depth cleaning due to them being unable to clean their teeth the proper way

Q:  What is a Debridement?

A: Every six months. .

Q:  How often are Debridements allowed?

Q:  How many patients are required before we come to the nursing home?

A:   Louetta Dental Professionals. 1811 Louetta Rd Spring, TX 77388. Fax: 281-350-4562.

Q:   What is our address and fax number?

A:  At least six.